JamesAOnline, LLC was created to help people to create for themselves an opportunity to start an online business.

James Alexander initiated his first internet marketing venture in January of 1995, creating his first company, Home Trade Info Center, selling information disks for internet and offline distribution. In February of that same year, he launched his offline site to promote that program and others, and began building his first list at that time.

By May of 2000, he had spent his time between his job training staff at his offline job and repairing computers and also working his business. He began teaching full time to fulfill a dream. He slowly worked to expand his online efforts to include affiliate marketing in the internet marketing niche,

In August of 2011, James made the choice to enter the arena of affiliate marketing full time, and began building multiple Amazon sites starting with his first, Top Tax Tips Online.

In 2012 he established JamesAOnline, LLC and Local E-Media Solutions and offered his expertise in offline WordPress and WordPress Security.In 2013 he started JamesAOnline Publishing and began selling information products for the IM niche.

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