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Is This Your Time ?


Are you one of those people who follow through on their actions or do you find that your good intentions fall to the wayside quickly? Regardless of which type of person you may classify yourself as, why not make this time the time that belongs to you?

While this may sound like a huge challenge, by breaking it down into smaller steps the picture becomes much clearer. When it comes to setting goals many people often make lofty goals, those that are almost unattainable or out of reach. It’s no wonder that these ambitions and goals are given up almost as fast as they were set.

So how do you set easy to reach goals that will lead you on the path of your dreams?

One of the first things that you need to accomplish is to think about what your goals are. Now we don’t mean travelling the world living out of fancy hotels. We mean goals that are going to help you lead the life you have always dreamed of. If your goal was to travel the world what would be the steps you need to take to accomplish this?

By breaking down a main goal into smaller segments you are working towards your end goal. Building on the travel goal, what would you need to make this come true? Lots of money for one thing. How would you get this money? This would become a smaller goal. Once you had the money how would you travel, where would you go and how long would you stay in each place. All of these steps are smaller goals that need to be determined.

Do you see how these smaller steps are building up to the main goal? Perfect, this is exactly how you can make this year belong to you.

First define what your end goal is. Then plan out all of the steps you need to take to get there. This might include earning more money, saving money regularly, learning a new skill or it might involve losing weight and getting fit.

Regardless of your end goal, once you have planned out your steps you want to treat each one as a mini goal. Then take each mini goal and work on it until you have reached it. Then take the next one and build upon that. Repeat this process until you can see your end goal in sight.

Along the way you are going to come face to face with stumbling blocks and of course, life will get in the way. All of these things are perfectly normal. What matters is the manner in which you deal with these road blocks.

For people losing weight it can be difficult when you reach a plateau for weeks and weeks. It is easier to give up and revert back to your old habits. Those people that are really determined and motivated to reach their target goal will look for ways to deal with these plateaus. These people are fighters!

When working towards a goal you do not always have to work hard on it every day. Sometimes it is healthy to take a short break, just don’t let this become a vacation though!

You may find it easier to schedule certain days of the week to work on your goal so that you don’t become over focused or obsessed on it. Working on a new goal means finding ways to fit it into your life without placing something or someone else in jeopardy.

With this in mind you now have the tools and a plan of attack to make this year and every year belong to you in any way you see fit.


New – Self Coaching Program


Dear Fellow Marketer:

Are you tired of get-rich-quick, 3 click, point-and-click, smoke-and-mirrors coaching programs that don’t work?

Are you frustrated because you want real internet coaching from a real coach, but you don’t want to invest the $100 or $1000 a month the good ones ask for?

Have you been looking for an affordable coaching program with REAL coaching lessons and REAL training from a coach who has DONE what you want to do?

If so, I understand . . . . 

Here’s the thing, it’s not easy to find someone who has what it takes and knows how to guide you to profitability.


People want to learn the specific steps necessary to achieve real profit.

And real profit means selling something to people who want it.

And that’s what I specialize in . . .teaching ordinary folks how to make real profit selling to real people who have real needs.

And the primary way that I teach literally hundreds and hundreds of clients is through my coaching program lessons.

Until today, the ONLY way someone could access these powerful lessons was to enroll in my Platinum coaching program at $197 a month or my personalized program at $397 a month. There’s just no way I could coach someone personally for less, I would have too many clients and no one would get enough attention.

But earlier today, I was given an idea . . . why not offer the coaching lessons themselves – where the bulk of the “learning” comes from anyhow – for a special low-priced test offer . . . and just leave out personal access to me (because I would burn out if 100 people enrolled this month and everyone needed to talk with me personally!)


There are 60 lessons in total, and you will learn the basics of building a profitable infobusiness quickly. Some of the topics covered:

1) Creating your unique edge in your marketplace so that you stand out among your competitors

2) Creating a daily habit of 30 minutes of content creation each day so that you are constantly creating new content for google and organic traffic

3) Creating a powerful 3-product sales funnel that converts like crazy

4) How to write a powerful email campaign that SELLS your 3 products.

5) How to create a coaching program to add $97 a month payments to your business

6) How to tweak and test to improve results

7) How to drive traffic with multiple different, unique methods

and much, much more!

By the way, don’t let the simplicity in the subjects delude you into thinking this is a basics course.

It’s not. It’s thorough and is scientifically designed to get you into profit FAST.

There are 60 lessons, and you will receive one about every three (3) days. Each lesson is about a one hour mp3 audio training, plus a short homework assignment so that you IMPLEMENT what you have learned in the coaching lesson.


I personally promise that once you have completed the 60 lessons, you will have a complete working knowledge of the INSIDE of a profitable infobusiness, and that you will know more than 95% of your fellow marketers about what it really takes to build a real, profitable business.

And I back it up with a 100% guarantee . . . if you are not totally blown away by the lessons, tell me that, anytime within the 60 days, and I will give you 100% of your money back!

I would go out of business if these lessons didn’t work with a guarantee like that!

Now, keep in mind, this is just the lessons themselves, there’s no live coaching access to me included with these lessons, it’s JUST the lessons – there is no way I can offer personalized access at this ridiculous price – this is for self-starters who don’t want to spend $397 a month for access to me.

And you can ALWAYS add access to me in the future . . .

Now, you may be thinking, James is out of his mind to offer this.

And maybe I am out of my mind.

So I reserve the right to withdraw this at any time, without any notice.

So here’s a review of what you get:

60 coaching lessons. One about every three (3) days . . . the SAME lessons other clients have paid $397 a month to access!

This is an overview of the subjects taught in the 60 lessons:

1) Creating your unique edge in your marketplace so that you stand out among your competitors

2) Creating a daily habit of 30 minutes of content creation each day so that you are constantly creating new content for google and organic traffic

3) Creating a powerful 3-product sales funnel that converts like crazy

4) How to write a powerful email campaign that SELLS your 3 products.

5) How to create your own coaching program to add $97 a month payments to your business

6) How to tweak and test to improve results

7) How to drive traffic with multiple different, unique methods

and much, much more!

Yes, these are the real lessons in my coaching program . . . you get all 60 lessons for $97 per month.

You study them at your own pace (although I recommend to just buckle down and do one lesson at a time and get profitable fast)

Here’s the thing, these lessons will guide you, day by day, exactly what to do each time for 60 lessons to get the success you want, to build the info business of your dreams!

And it’s all 100% guaranteed – your money back at any point if these lessons aren’t totally rockin and you tell me that . . . . just let me know and I’ll give your money back no questions asked . . .

I want to see you succeed, you know it’s not easy in this dog-eat-dog world – I promise these lessons will make it clear!



The Two Bare Essentials for Successful Landing Pages

Someone recently asked me what a great landing page consisted of.
Before I began to rattle through my list of essential checkpoints, they
modified the question and said, “Answer in two words.” I thought for a
split second and then responded, “Content and Images.” Okay, that was
three, sue me.

Still, my point remains. In order to have a really successful landing
page, you really only need two things (aside from the obvious i.e. call
to action, hosting site, URL, the ability to exist, etc.). When it
really comes down to it, content is going to drive the traffic and then
the sales and images are going to keep the viewer invested in the
landing page. Done deal, right?

Doing Content Right on Landing Pages

Not so fast. It should be obvious by now that you can’t just slap up
any old content up on a landing page and expect it to work. The content
has to be done correctly. This means a few things:

– Content Focus. For starters, the content has to be very specific.
Landing pages aren’t the place to write novels or go off on tangents.
Tell the viewer where they are, what they can do here and what you want
them to do. Get them in, get them informed, get their order/email/etc.

– Keywords. Of course you’re going to need keywords to rank on the
SERPs, but don’t just keyword stuff. Use LSIs to trigger that oh-so
important semantic search algorithm.

– Digestible Chunks. Don’t write huge paragraphs or walls of text.
Keep it short and to the point, creating a lot of white space and
nothing that will swallow your viewer whole.

– Pleasing Font. No comic sans, no 20 pt bold, no Times Roman—stick to
Verdana if you want to be safe, but don’t be obnoxious or boring with
your font choice, color or size as a general rule.

– Proper English (or whatever language you’re writing in). If there are
spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes or
anything of the sort, I’m leaving and I’m taking your viewers with me.
These types of errors scream “amateur” and “scam artist” and will drive
your leads to a better landing page (probably not owned by you!).

Don’t Forget to Optimize Images

And if content has to be done right, it follows that images can’t just
be slapped up there either in order for landing pages to have the “bare
essentials” for success. Here are some pointers to make sure your
images are being all that they can be:

– Properly Sized. Images can’t be too big or too small. They should be
scaled to fit on any device screen (responsive websites are the best way
to do this).

– Alt Text. While not exactly essential, it is important to your
keyword ranking and ultimate ability for your landing page to be found
through a Google image search. Make your alt txt on images the keywords
for your landing page.

– Content Appropriate. Make sure the pictures not only match what you
are talking about, but are also situated in the right area on the page.
For example, don’t talk about blue elephants at the top of the page and
then post a blue elephant picture at the bottom.

As you can see, it doesn’t take many elements to have a killer landing
page, but what it does take has to be done properly.

Google’s Latest War on Guest Blogging

Are you guest blogging? If so, stop! Despite what everyone has told
you, it’s horrible! Well, okay, now it’s horrible. In Google’s
never-ending quest to drive internet marketers crazy, as it turns out
the once widely touted practice of guest blogging for link building
purposes is now considered taboo. In Google’s own words, guest blogging
now falls under the “little or no original content” section.

What Caused this Change?

Exactly what brought this change about is still officially a mystery,
but most signs point to the fact that Google has been going after
webscrapers and other duplicate copy for quite some time now. Guest
blogging should have seen this coming, but then again, who knows what
evil lurks in the heart of Google!

The bottom line is that Google is on a quest for completely original
content, even if the links are canonical. Just try to stay away from
anything that can be considered “little or no original content.”
Article spinners, beware! Your days are numbered as well!

What Does this Mean for Guest Blogging?

As of right now, Google is penalizing guest blogging networks pretty
heavily. This seems to be where the brunt of Google’s ire is falling
right now, but the “weak guest blogs” by lone guest bloggers are also
feeling the heat. Just like a fire starts at the bottom and burns
upwards, you can expect this heat to rise closer and closer to the top,
so if you are in any way, shape or form guilty of weak guest blogs, we
suggest cutting some ties pretty quickly if Google’s penalization
worries you.

Of course, some people will still guest blog and some might get away
with it, but risking a Google manual penalty isn’t worth it in our
opinion. That’s up to you but let us just remind you what happens when
Google gets you in its sights: you show up on page four of the search
engine result pages even if someone types in your exact website. So,
what can you do instead of guest blogging?

What Can I Do Instead of Guest Blog?

Instead of guest blogging, fall back on the timeless classics of
internet marketing. Content marketing is still the big dog, just think
of guest blogging as a flea on that dog that’s been removed. There are
still plenty of hairs for you to scratch off including:

– Creating extra-awesome content for your own blogs. Why do you need to
be on other people’s blogs in the first place (yes, we know, for
traffic). But still, the point remains: if your content is that good
and interesting, people will come to your blog. Focus on making your
blog the best it can be and make your site a place where people say,
“Man, if only we could still guest blog, I’d want to guest blog there!”

– Community and niche participation. If you still feel that the best
way for you to move forward with your marketing efforts is to branch out
laterally into the bigger communities and sites in your niche, instead
of guest blogging, start becoming active in the forums and on the
posting boards. You can always leave links to your own blog on a topic
in the commentary section. Just because guest blogging is gone doesn’t
mean your presence outside of your website has to disappear.

The bottom line here is that if you have been guest blogging, sorry.
You’re going to need to find some more creative ways to market yourself
into an existing audience. If you haven’t been guest blogging, great,
don’t start.